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The History

In 1929 Eusebio Bioses in a small workshop started the activity of horseshoer in one that mainly consisted in supplying support to the several agricultural truths of the zone.

Eusebio Bioses

In the following years it together constructed to the aid of the sons a small handicraft laboratory that still today constitutes a part of the plant of the organization.

The sons who currently direct the company acquired the experience in the working of the iron just in that period thanks to the councils of Eusebio who learned the trade during the second war in the steel mills of Amburgo in Germany.

From small jobs of handicraft the company Bioses F.lli Snc had origin in 1984: in the 1988 one came true the first widening of the plant and the beginning of the production of the media/pesante carpentry.


In 2004, the organization has changed corporate name and is realizing an ulterior widening of the plant.

Hour the organization is managed from the three sons Sergio, Danilo and Luciano and counts of 15 dependent on a workspace of approximately 4.000 mq of which 2,500 mq covered: the main activities regard the manufactured realization and installation of to metallic structure.

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