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The holders of the company are the 3 Bioses brothers: Sergio, Danilo and Luciano.


The Bioses F.lli Srl company, besides the partners, is made up of 15 workers that handle all the duties in tecnical office, administer and directly employed in the production activities.

The organization is structured in 2 principal sectores: the mechanical processing and the installation of manufactured.

The activities that take place in the factory reguced the operations of

The company carries out all the work process thenseves, coinvol turning to other companyes (except welding) this allows a big flexibility to achive the client's needs.


To the aim to satisfy of always better the requirements, the outline of norms ISO 9001 is in course the iter in order to catch up the quality certification.

The organization possesses all the equipments and the staff to carry out the installation within the client's site; like trucks, platforms, undercarriages elevators....

The assembly team is composed of expert workers that for many years have been working for the company: this eables the quick resolution of problems connected to the workshop. This work method is a result of effiency, reliability and quality.

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